Finding the Best Lenders in Baltimore County with Online Applications

Are you looking for a lender in Baltimore County that offers online applications? Look no further! LifeBridge Health and Baltimore County have partnered to provide the best mortgages in the area with easy prequalification, low rates, and expert advice to guide you through the loan process. Homeowners who purchase housing in Baltimore County communities near LifeBridge Health centers are eligible for this program. Additionally, the Lead Safe grant program is designed to reduce lead-related risks in homes in selected community conservation areas.

Live Close to Your Work Program

The Live Close to Your Work program is a great option for those looking to encourage homeownership and maintain strong neighborhoods in Baltimore County communities near Northwest and Sinai hospitals.

The University of Maryland, in Baltimore County, has partnered with ELM to provide a list of alternative loan options that may be available to you. The Baltimore County Public Library also offers a service so that eligible customers can borrow a Chromebook with Wi-Fi, a high-speed 5G LTE Internet router, or both for up to six months.

Maryland Homeowners Assistance Fund

If you're a Baltimore County homeowner and are struggling to pay your mortgage or other housing expenses, the Maryland Homeowners Assistance Fund may be able to help. The Ambrose Housing Aid Center provides free homebuyer education (workshops), homebuyer counseling, financial education counseling, foreclosure counseling, and legal assistance to low-income residents and older people in Baltimore County.

The property must present a lead-based paint risk, which will be determined by a qualified Baltimore County lead risk evaluator.

Alternative Loans

It is recommended that you contact the lender to confirm whether they will approve a loan for an entire semester or the balance of the collections before submitting the application. Alternative (private) loans are an option for students who have a balance from a previous semester or an outstanding balance, as long as the lender approves it. Developers are strongly encouraged to use all available funding sources and not to consider Baltimore County as the primary or only source of project funding.

Baltimore County Federal Employee Credit Union

The Baltimore County Federal Employee Credit Union is not responsible for the information contained on this site. Please note that the list of alternative loan options on the ELM website is not exhaustive and that the University does not endorse any specific lender or group of lenders.

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